Aptech Ltd. is a leading global career education company headquartered in Mumbai, India, Aptech Limited has a legacy of 30 years in I.T. education. Aptech has a presence in more than 40 countries and has trained over 6.8 million individuals in more than 1,305 training centres worldwide. Aptech also includes corporate training and assessment solutions for corporates and academic institutions, and custom content development for overseas and domestic customers.


In 1993, Aptech became the first I.T. training organization in Asia to receive the ISO 9001 quality certification for ‘Education Support Services’. Since then, we have grown and diversified into various education-related businesses, and we are now listed on the National Stock Exchange and Mumbai Stock Exchange in India. Aptech courses are designed to impart knowledge in all areas of Information Technology.


The Aptech portfolio consists of a comprehensive range of courses in instructor-led and technology-delivered formats such as web-based training. Aptech’s international presence offers world-class education programs, methodologies, technologies, and international qualifications. We enable people across the globe to use I.T. optimally and efficiently through world-class I.T. training solutions.


Today, Aptech students are working all over the world building knowledge corporations, communities and knowledge societies. Having received two ‘Apex 2010 – Awards for Excellence’ and being among Brand Equity’s ‘Top 50 Most-Trusted Service Brands’, Aptech is poised for future growth.




Today, technology forms a big part of our lives. With the growing dependencies of businesses on information Technology (I.T.) there is a large demand of skills professionals who possess technical expertise in the I.T. sector. Keeping in mind the increasing significance of I.T. and to clear the working professional’s requirements, Aptech Computer Education has introduced Professional Courses. These courses are of short duration wherein the customer can choose the technologies, he/she would like to learn or master based on his/her career interest.


Aptech Computer Education Alabgole Centre, the best place to learn technologies of your choice.




“To be a Global Corporation and a World-Class Organization.”

Established in 1986, Aptech has emerged as a leading education and training organization having built strong competencies in business excellence through robust academic and research-oriented processes, to deliver superior customer-centric programs.



“Empowerment through Technology”

I.T. is an empowering tool, which when appropriately utilized, leads to an increase in productivity improvements and prosperity at the individual, organizational, societal, national and global levels. Education is also an enabler, which leads to continued improvement in productivity and prosperity. Aptech believes in imparting quality education using I.T. as the tool to empower its customers.




Aptech Ltd. offers a variety of courses – technology courses for I.T. students, career programs for students wanting to enter the I.T. sector, certification courses for I.T. professionals to enhance their and basic I.T. programs for school students, housewives/senior citizens etc. Class timings are such that even working people can attend courses as per their convenience.




Aptech Computer Education Ltd. is a premier I.T. education Institute. Established in 1986, Aptech is a pioneer in I.T. software & hardware training. The institute has trained 6.8 million students through a wide network of education centres located in over 40 countries.


Career Starter is for young students, who need an understanding of certain programs to aid their higher studies and professionals or get an overview of the I.T. industry.


Career Professional is for those who want to gain an edge in their careers. Career Builder program starts from scratch to turn you into a job-ready professional.